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Jurnal Teknik Mesin ITI

JTM-ITI (Jurnal Teknik Mesin ITI) with e-ISSN 2548-3854 is a peer-reviewed journal published two times a year (February and August) by Study Program of Mechanical Engineering-Institut Teknologi Indonesia. This Journal is firstly published in 2017.The journal aims to provide a disciplinary forum of mechanical engineering to facilitate the rapid transmission of knowledge amongst the construction mechanical, mechanical of conversion energy, the technology of manufacture and engineering materials communities. Authors are welcome to submit original articles, review articles and  perspectives. This Guide for Authors is revised periodically by the Editors as needed. Authors should visit the journal's homepage for the latest version of this guide. Authors are requested to ensure that submissions adhere exactly to the stated instructions and format. Any manuscript not prepared according to the instructions in this guide will be returned immediately to the author(s) without review. JTM-ITI (Jurnal Teknik Mesin ITI) has become a CrossRef member with DOI prefix: 10.31543/jtm. Therefore, all articles published by the  journal  have unique DOI number. JTM-ITI (Jurnal Teknik Mesin ITI) is indexed in Google Scholar, Crossref, Sinta, ISJD Neo and Garuda (Garda Rujukan Digital)

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