Desain Dinding Penahan Tanah sebagai Perkuatan Pada Kelongsoran Villa di Hambalang

Abi Maulana Hakim


Landslide is one of major issue that occurred during rainy season. This problem is straightforward and able to be prevented with installing reinforcement into the designated landslide location prior to sliding failure. It is effective due to the reinforcement cutting through failure plane, hence strengthen the soil body.  By and large, prior to land sliding, several indications are taken into place, such as soil cracking, structural cracking, vegetation movement, etc. By observing this event, one should be aware that further soil movement are very likely to follow afterwards. Consequently, safety precaution shall be taken. This paper presents one case study in Hambalang, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. In this case, structural crackings are found in several places, especially at the poolside. These are appeared earlier this year, concurrently with very high intensity rainy season which is predicted to be the cause. Analysis is performed to check the current stability of the slope. The result is showing that the Safety Factor value is 1.181, below the allowable value of 1.5. Then, reinforcement is designed as a preventive measure. It is using retaining wall by employing bored pile coupled with sufficiently thick capping beam. From analysis, the safety factor is increased to 1.553 during critical condition. This value is above the criteria of 1.5 and concluded as a safe design. Structural capacity of bored pile is also designed. Accordingly, the retaining wall is constructed on site in final stage

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